WFCchurch feeds anyone who has a need, both physically and spiritually.

Henry Maa is true man if God. He and his wife Sarah live in Shwepyitha Township, Yangon in Myanmar, along with their three small children; Mary is 5 years old, Meshach at 2 and Barak is the baby at 11 months old. Henry is spreading God’s word, one hungry family at a time. As a missionary for WFC Church he feeds anyone who has a need, both physically and spiritually. As he gives them gifts of bodily nourishment, he also tells them about Christ and his walk with Him; thereby giving them much needed Spiritual nourishment as well! What makes Henry’s story even more unique is the fact that his village is not a Christian village, it is a Buddhist village. Everyday Henry faces persecution in order to do as God has led him to do and every day he puts on his Godly armor and does what needs to be done.
Henry and his siblings were raised in a Christian family. His parents, also born again Christians, live more than 800 miles away in Kale Township. In January of 2006 Henry rededicated his life to Christ, choosing to move forward in his walk with Jesus. He attended bible college from 2006 to 2012 after which, he got involved in God’s ministry by faith. For the past three years his ministry and missionary work has been in his current village helping Christian refugees and spreading the word to poverty stricken Buddhist alike. He has been most successful when first building a relationship with those he ministers to through sharing food, oil, and vegetables, by showing his love for them in their time of need they are receptive to his teaching of the Gospel. By example there are now converted Christians eager to do the same for others and they are helpful in spreading the Gospel as well. He shares his experiences with his many friends in the ministry on FaceBook.
The perseverance Henry shows is truly humbling. He manages to run his ministry, using every resource and opportunity available to him, even though they are sometimes limited. They are not allowed to have church buildings, they hold their worship services in a hut. Until he has permanent accommodations he makes do with what he does have, the fire of the Holy Spirit burning in his heart! They also cannot be too loud or use a microphone but he can speak with authority. Seeing Henry speak to his flock or lead the little ones in song is awe inspiring. Seeing him work in his daily life pushes others to be more like him as a Christian, yet when you mention it to him, he is ever so humble. One of the greatest things I have learned about Henry, is this…. He chooses to do God’s will for him, instead of putting his will before God; so everything he does is just that much greater. Whatever he and his family have they also share with others, and that is what every Christian should want in there life. To walk with Jesus and do as He did, loving our fellow man with the same love that our Savior, Christ Jesus showed us!