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Lesbian Admits To Lying To Caseworker During Adoption Process [VIDEO]
admin / February 19, 2020

In Tennessee, the first bill of the year to be signed and implemented into law by Republican Governor Lee was a bill allowing adoption agencies to continue to receive taxpayer funding without being forced to adopt out to same sex partnerships.

Less than 1 month later a few members from the LGBT community staged a 2 hour protest outside of the Lee’s office building in Nashville.

During the protest different members of the LGBT crowd took turns shouting over a mega phone at the Governors empty office and news station Fox 17 Nashville was there to cover it. Live coverage was streamed to social media as well as a segment that aired on the 11 o’clock news.

The shocking segment that aired on Saturday’s evening news about a lesbian woman’s deception into adoption not only proves that Governor Bill Lee is justified in signing this bill but also proves why adoption agencies deserve the right to withhold adopting children to individuals who live a predictable lifestyle.

It is very important to Gov. Lee that the people of Tennessee aren’t forced to violate their deeply held religious values. Religious liberty still exists in America and Gov. Lee has taken a bold stand against the dwindling rights of Christian’s and has signed a bill that will help Christian adoption agencies get parent-less children what they deserve, the opportunity to have both a mother and a father.

It is no secret through out the bible believing community that the sanctity of marriage is between one man and one woman, as God ordained. For two women or two men to act as co-parents is an abomination that exposes children to a deviant and perverse lifestyle. When Tennessee gave adoption agencies the right to deny lesbians a child, Fox 17 news couldn’t have accidentally helped build a better case for the cause as to why lesbians should not be entrusted with children.

Engle children at the Nashville adoption protest

44 year old single lesbian, Carla Engle of middle Tennessee who is the Director of Product Management at inQbator/eviCore, brought her two young adopted children out to the protest on Saturday. During the protest she spoke to Fox 17 and admitted on aired television that she lied to the case worker assigned to her home study during the process of adopting her children.

Engle and her adopted children with tape over their mouths a few years ago during the NOH8 movement

Engle justified lying to the agency by expressing that through adoption, was the only way that she was able to become a parent. She denied children the right to a father and she obtained them fraudulently by lying to the agency whose mission is to place children in the perfect home.

As children of a lesbian, their lives seem to be full of nothing except pride events, feminist events and political events. Engle drags her children along to these parades, rally’s and protests where the children are being used to push an agenda that they should have no knowledge about at such a young and tender age. At one event a child is seen holding up a sign that is completely inappropriate to even be seen by children, let alone be held by a child to covey a message that is politically motivated.

When children are raised up in such a way that prepares them to accept, endorse and/or live a sexually unnatural lifestyle, that is called ‘grooming”. Child grooming is something that is being observed strongly through out the LGBT community. From “Drag Queen Story Hour” where children are brought to be sexualized by men who read gender confusing books while dressed in women’s underwear, to gay and lesbian parents who coach their children on sexual ideation, small children are being prepared to live a perverse lifestyle that will ultimately lead them to hell. Children are being taught to deny reality and that if something feels good to just go with it. Children are being taught by the LGBT to demand acceptance for who they are, yet they cannot even accept themselves for who they are, who God created them as.

The LGBT community tends to think that science, biology and genetics don’t apply to them. The LGBT community tends to think that morals, decency and appropriateness doesn’t apply to them. The LGBT community obviously doesn’t believe policy, rules and laws apply to them. The LGBT community thinks that they can do whatever they want to appease their own selfish desires and they don’t care who they have to lie to to get it or who suffers because of it, such example is in the video below. Coaching and grooming at its finest.

Photo Credit: C. Engle/Fox17
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