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I am a christian that has been back sliding. I am facing harsh legal actions that may take me away from my daughter. I have had problems with substance abuse “sorcery” and different forms of fornication. I am a believer and I am praying for an intervention from God. I have been saved by God more than once. I was hit by a drunk driver while walking home when i was 16 and suffered a massive cerebral hemoto*-*ma. I wasn’t expected to live. I, by the grace of God, did survive. Not only that but after this 95% chance of death where I was knocked 40 ft. from my shoes by a truck while walking home, I actually lived. not only that, but I finished high school with my class and played the violin with the Mesquite Symphony orchestra. All this a miracle. I also recently underwent heart surgery due to a massive 7 hr heart attack. I’m 36 by the way. I know he’s keeping me here for something. I want to serve him and try to tell everyone i can about the satanic takeover in this world and how the US is going down due to the church not standing up. I screwed up and turned to drugs and fornication for relief from the stress of what I am going through, stupid I know, and I am Just needing some supportive prayer. I know that God can come through, it’s just that I have back slidden. I feel maybe I have maybe screwed up too bad this time. I have a three year old daughter that I had out of wed lock, and I am worried that I will not be able to have a life with her. When I was 12 I was curious about sex, and had only sisters, and a father that worked nights. I engaged in sexual activity with a boy down the street and was sentenced for sexual assault for it. I did three years of probation and thought it was over. I only had to register for ten years after i was discharged from probation. 4 years later I was hit by a drunk driver and was in the hospital at the time that the state required me to register as a sex offender for the year. I was picked up by the police for failure to register and since i was 17 by the time it went through court, I was tried as an adult. So, it’s now a permanent record thing. I’m just really scared about life now these days. I just that anyone could please join me in prayer that God will make a way for me. When there seems like there is no way, God opens a door. I want to have a family and a way to provide for them. I want to teach my daughter about Jesus. I want to marry her mother, and do it right. But now I’m facing charges and I just cant see a way out. So, I pray. I ask God to please just Grant me some mercy. I’m asking for a miracle. I thank you for reading this if you are, and more so for praying if you do. Thank you and God bless.

Received: July 17, 2020

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