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I prayed for this

Prayed for 2 times.


PLEASE: Let’s all pray in Spirit and in truth tonight and daily for our Authority above us and each other please.

We know that these days, they are growing darker and darker, but we are so very blessed to have His Holy Spirit within us.

Let us utilize Him an welcome Him throughout our day and night.

And, I thank God for the prayers of the righteous for they avail much.

I am so grateful for who You have brought into my life.

I am grateful for everything you have given me to be a steward of.

Thank you, Jesus.

Father I welcome your Holy Spirit over our Presidents mind and heart and life in Jesus name.

I ask you to protect our Australian and Canadian and Spanish and Asian and Indian Sisters and Brothers as well in Jesus name.

Lord You Know who they are.

Lord we pray that Pastor Rich and Amanda continue to guard their hearts, as everything is evolving to be just as You desire it to be in Jesus name.

Lord but not forget who loves them at the same time and the love of God is not of this world.

And I am so thankful for this.

Because this world has absolutely nothing to offer except lessons. And if we are looking to the world for answers, we are looking the wrong direction for sure.

Thank you, Jesus.

We do not look at the circumstances that is happening so much as we look to His word and what and how we are to walk and live for Him during the circumstances.

Day by day, month by month we are growing in grace and maturing.

Thankful so for this.

Growth is not easy, but it must happen to fruition.

We can speak the truth in love. And with maturity, not be ashamed of it either.

And in being corrected or in correcting.

Faithful are the wounds of a friend.

We are accountable to God, our spouses if married, and accountable to each other, and to whomever we work under.

And if you are a teacher you will be judged even stricter.

Hey this is not me speaking.

And, Iron sharpens iron,

Praise GOD for His truths.

We are grateful for our Lord helps us to be courageous to carry-out His divine will completely and fully in Christ Jesus.

Doing the right thing is not always the easy thing. In fact, sometimes it may be very difficult but very rewarding in the end whether in this world or the next.

My assignment is not yours and yours is not mine. But together in the same spirit, anything is possible with God.

His Will be complete with each of us being the hands and the feet.

Whether it is edifying, teaching, healing, delivering in His Power, tongue interpretation, discernment, or the Wisdom or the Knowledge of our Lord. Jesus Christ through Holy Spirit.


Together we can do all things in Christ who strengthens us.

And, Lord despite our negatives, our downfalls from being human we do need each other. I surely do and I appreciate you all so very much.

We let no weapon be formed against you {all of you} that shall prosper, and every tongue brought up against you shall be condemned and brought down into nothing in Jesus name

Lord we lose the warring and ministering angels of God over Rich and Amanda and their children. Wherever they go You go and with Angels.

Lord we thank you for protecting them and my brothers and sisters and their children as well who are in the Fold.

I love them so and I am so grateful that you are working all things together for those who love you who have been called according to Your Purpose.

GODS will be done.

Thank you, Jesus,

We are family, we are not perfect, and our family is beautiful.

I loose the boldness and courage in Jesus Christ and

I loose by the power vested in thee the joy of the Lord and the peace that surpasses all understanding.

In Jesus name I pray in thanksgiving for all good I give you Lord Jesus all glory honor and praise.


Received: July 27, 2020

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