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I prayed for this

Prayed for 13 times.


I am a young man, all of my life I have struggled with adultery and lust. I have gotten somewhat close to the Lord but recently the enemy has been coming at me like crazy and I know that I need to come to repentance as soon as possible.

My deal is, is that im struggling to repent with adultery and lust, one minute I’m doing good and the next it’s like I’m on a roll to fail nonstop. I praise the Lord in my own home but I must confess, lately I have been lusting more than ever so I can tell the enemy is targeting me, I haven’t praised the Lord in a while but I still pray and read upon His word daily. I got rid of social media to stop this lustful thing but recently I have been finding myself in websites where locals are just out to be filthy and I hate myself for even wandering in that because now I get emails all the time from these filthy liars, I changed my email to escape the messages but I need to prepare myself for more fiery darts from the enemy and prepare myself for any other tricks he approaches me with. I confess, once before I have seen something called a succubus and realized it was a demon, I used holy water and oils to anoint myself and bless my home but the battles have been nonstop, so strong with temptations and repetition. Please, I began this path of repentance feeling and being honored, successful and faithful but recently I don’t know if it’s the flesh along with the devil or this world coming to a halt, but it has been nonstop and this morning I have given into temptation and fed my flesh after months of escaping temptation please..somebody please pray for me I am trying to stay on point with my prayers daily but sometimes I’ll pray a little, but not as much as I had. please, I know Jesus is coming soon I can feel it, and now is the worst timing to fall back into these old ways please pray for me and God bless you all, I need the power and strength to fulfill true and absolute repentance of my sins in Jesus name! thank you so much.

Received: May 2, 2021

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