I was raised and atheist and became saved at the age of 19. I had a friend that lived a life that spoke to me. I figured I had nothing to lose, just my soul to gain. I was married at the age of 27 to my bestfriend Rita. Two years into my marriage, my wife (who was also raised an atheist) was diagnosed with a brain tumor. Later we were informed, that due to the intensity and the amount of radiation therapy he required, she would not be able to have children. The experts were wrong because only God has the final say. Rita and I have 2 beautiful, intelligent little girls ages 12 and 8 and the Doctors said this was the first time anyone was ever able to conceive a child after so much radiation (not once but twice).
If that were not enough, in 2007 I was diagnosed with epilepsy. Yes I suffered through many seizures, but my faith never perished. In 2011 I underwent a partial temporal lobectomy which refueled my passion for Christ. God did not cause this to happen to us. However, what was meant for harm He has turned around for His glory. I have been a part of Warriors for Christ for almost five years.