My name is Anita and I am a Warrior For Christ, dedicated to spreading the truth of His Gospel to everyone who is lost. I was born and raised in an Irish Catholic family with nine siblings. At the age of 29, I accepted Jesus Christ as my Lord and savior and was married to a Christian man. Even though Satan had attacked my faith and my marriage, Jesus remained faithful and through the Holy Spirit guided me back. Though my marriage was attacked to the point of divorce, Jesus turned that divorce into a reconciliation and rededication both of my marriage to my husband and my life with my Savior. Today, I have a passion to show Catholics the truth about God’s word so that they are not being led blindly by the false doctrine of Catholicism, and through that truth they may be saved from the lost lives they lead.
I have a Masters in Special Education and for nineteen years have been blessed to work with children with special needs and currently children with Autism. I am also a cancer survivor and have been healed by the Blood of Jesus Christ for fourteen years. I am blessed to be a part of a ministry which speaks only biblical truth. No ear tickling here. I pray that all people find the joy, love and forgiveness of Jesus Christ and become a Warrior for Christ.