My name is Maria and I’m a mother of four young children (my two youngest have Autism) from Australia.
My husband and I both met in an Australian outreach homeless street preaching church in 2007, then married the following year. The years of street evangelism ignited a fire in me that has never been put out. Warriors For Christ has allowed me to return to my evangelist roots, as part of a global online ‘on fire for God’ 24 hour church.
I’m very honoured to serve my Lord in this ministry. I was raised in a Christian family with two older brothers, but never really gained a firm knowledge of the Bible until I was in my late teens.
I have a strong desire and passion to get to know Jesus more, have a better understanding of God’s word and be the person HE created me to be.
My faith, love and understanding of Christ has deepened my desire to reach this lost world with the truth of God’s word, unwatered, non sugar-coated gospel.
Our God is so amazing, powerful and supernatural that I want to share him with the whole world. Without Jesus in my life I would be empty, lost and have no hope.
JESUS IS who he says he is and I want the world to know that.