Rich P

Rich Penkoski is a minister who attended International Miracle Institute and Walden University.
Rich is married to Amanda Penkoski and together they have 6 amazing children.
In 1996 Rich received a word from the Lord that he would be a leading preacher in the end time church and would see millions set free from satan’s grip.
Rich has seen countless men and women set free from sin’s power, men and women who have been set free from drugs, free from homosexuality as well as transgender lifestlyes.
Rich has a bold uncompromising passion for the truth of God’s word and teaches accordingly.
Rich is considered the most censored person and Warriors for Christ is the most censored ministry on Facebook for their unwavering stance on social issues, as a result of being banned hundreds of times and having 4 Facebook pages taken away Rich launched, which is a Christian alternative to Facebook.
Rich continues to preach the truth and he has not wavered one bit, recently winning $10,000 from a self identified lgbt activist for harassment and defamation of character.
In October 2018 Rich took Warriors for Christ to the streets in opposition to Drag Queen Story Hour. It all started in Lafayette Louisiana and after successfully shutting down that event Rich has traveled across the United States preaching at these perverse events.
Everywhere Warriors for Christ has preached, the Drag Queen Story Hours have been shut down.