Sherry Mclain

From childhood abuse and the blindness of the parents from addictions-gambling and alcoholism and pills to witchcraft, paranormal, and forcing her to kill her first baby in abortion. Home was an evil place. She was lost. She ran from self for many decades; she has had many losses, she found herself in horrific circumstances by herself; rapes, domestic violence, even drugs and depression. She was suicidal often until she found that Jesus was the only one that loved her. She knows that now. She also found His passion for helping others. From children to women and even men. From her Biblical studies, and her studies from Universities and internships. She has learned that forgiveness is very important to heal from within. Those that are underdogs she fervently loves to help find God. Our Lord Jesus Christ is the most important person, Spirit all and all. God is not Mocked! If you sow into the flesh you will reap destruction and death. If you sow into the Spirit you shall reap Eternal Life. Freedom indeed. Warriors for Christ has been a big help to her in finding the Truths in her Bible and how to live them. She no longer looks to a person, but to her Lord for answers. She no longer looks to the world for anything. She may not be rich but considers herself rich spiritually, speaking. God has saved her many times, Many. And God has Healed her many times in different ways incurable ones, there is nothing her Lord cannot do, so believe in this and follow Him too. Warriors for Christ Pastor Rich Penkoski and wife Amanda and their team have helped Sherry tremendously become the woman she is today. She thanks God for them. And she is very grateful to God for them. God bless you all exceedingly more than you can think or dream upon according to His Will and Purposes in Jesus Christ.