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My name is Maria and I’m a mother of four young children (my two youngest have Autism) from Australia.
My husband and I both met in an Australian outreach homeless street preaching church in 2007, then married the following year. The years of street evangelism ignited a fire in me that has never been put out. Warriors For Christ has allowed me to return to my evangelist roots, as part of a global online ‘on fire for God’ 24 hour church.
I’m very honoured to serve my Lord in this ministry. I was raised in a Christian family with two older brothers, but never really gained a firm knowledge of the Bible until I was in my late teens.
I have a strong desire and passion to get to know Jesus more, have a better understanding of God’s word and be the person HE created me to be.
My faith, love and understanding of Christ has deepened my desire to reach this lost world with the truth of God’s word, unwatered, non sugar-coated gospel.
Our God is so amazing, powerful and supernatural that I want to share him with the whole world. Without Jesus in my life I would be empty, lost and have no hope.
JESUS IS who he says he is and I want the world to know that.

Lead Pastor

Rev. Rich Penkoski is minister who attended International Miracle Institute in Pensacola Florida as well as Walden University.
Rev. Rich Penkoski and his wife Amanda founded Warriors for Christ ministry which has a focus on preaching the truth of God’s word without compromise.
Rev. Rich Penkoski launched SocialCross.org after being harassed, and threatened by members and supporters of the lgbt community.
Rev. Rich Penkoski has been called to preach the truth and restore the church to a first century model with a focus on the faith of the first century church.


Hi all! My name is Krystle. I was born and raised in Oregon. I grew up in and around the church knowing about Jesus and singing all the Sunday school songs. After my parents’ divorce, I had this yearning to be accepted and loved by my dad, whose involvement was seldom. As I grew into adolescence I searched for ways to fill this void and made a lot of poor decisions even though I knew “God was there”. As an adult I continued to live in a way that that did not honor God.
On June 5 2016, I rededicated my life to Jesus Christ and was baptized. The powerful draw for my flesh to sin was a struggle for me, but the Holy Spirit helped me through my weaknesses. I felt a conviction so deep that I came crashing into a full surrender! Having a personal relationship with Jesus has helped me to better understand my view of who I thought God was. I’ve realized that view was skewed by the iniquities of my earthly father. After all, there’s no greater love than the love of God who is “A Father of the fatherless…” (Psalm 68:5).
My transformation continues as my hunger and thirst for the Lord grows. The more time I spend getting to know God, the more I realize what a “good good Father” He’s always been. I’m thankful God has led me to serve with Warriors For Christ. It’s been such a blessing to see how the Holy Spirit has been moving and preparing us so that, as warriors, we can stand up and stand out as true advocates for Jesus.


I was raised and atheist and became saved at the age of 19. I had a friend that lived a life that spoke to me. I figured I had nothing to lose, just my soul to gain. I was married at the age of 27 to my bestfriend Rita. Two years into my marriage, my wife (who was also raised an atheist) was diagnosed with a brain tumor. Later we were informed, that due to the intensity and the amount of radiation therapy he required, she would not be able to have children. The experts were wrong because only God has the final say. Rita and I have 2 beautiful, intelligent little girls ages 12 and 8 and the Doctors said this was the first time anyone was ever able to conceive a child after so much radiation (not once but twice).
If that were not enough, in 2007 I was diagnosed with epilepsy. Yes I suffered through many seizures, but my faith never perished. In 2011 I underwent a partial temporal lobectomy which refueled my passion for Christ. God did not cause this to happen to us. However, what was meant for harm He has turned around for His glory. I have been a part of Warriors for Christ for almost five years.

Elder/CRU Leader

My name is Anita and I am a Warrior For Christ, dedicated to spreading the truth of His Gospel to everyone who is lost. I was born and raised in an Irish Catholic family with nine siblings. At the age of 29, I accepted Jesus Christ as my Lord and savior and was married to a Christian man. Even though Satan had attacked my faith and my marriage, Jesus remained faithful and through the Holy Spirit guided me back. Though my marriage was attacked to the point of divorce, Jesus turned that divorce into a reconciliation and rededication both of my marriage to my husband and my life with my Savior. Today, I have a passion to show Catholics the truth about God’s word so that they are not being led blindly by the false doctrine of Catholicism, and through that truth they may be saved from the lost lives they lead.
I have a Masters in Special Education and for nineteen years have been blessed to work with children with special needs and currently children with Autism. I am also a cancer survivor and have been healed by the Blood of Jesus Christ for fourteen years. I am blessed to be a part of a ministry which speaks only biblical truth. No ear tickling here. I pray that all people find the joy, love and forgiveness of Jesus Christ and become a Warrior for Christ.


Hi, my name is Jeanie and I am a Warrior For Christ! I spent my entire life professing to be a Christian, while doing whatever I wanted without a second thought to God’s will for me. I was comfortable knowing Jesus died for my sins, and committed them daily since they were covered! I never asked God for help, and never even realized I could and SHOULD! A few years ago I was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis, back to back to back attacks on my mind and body. Satan knew God had plans for me and tried hard to take me out of the running before I even got started. I was in a wheelchair and I was desperate at that point. I finally cried out to my Father! I knew He was the only chance I had. He took me out of that chair, put me on my feet, and His Word was BURNING in my heart!! I am healed in the mighty name of Jesus Christ, and I am dedicated to serving Him wherever He calls me to serve!! We have authority over the demons who try to alter our lives and it is time we BOLDY stand up and REBUKE them in Jesus Name! There is POWER in His Name!! I challenge everyone to be a Warrior For Christ!!