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I prayed for this

Prayed for 4 times.


Praying for the many that are suffering from the spirit or assignment of lack. The slothful spirit too must go now in Jesus name!

Many lack because they do not ask or aksing amiss which is wicked. This should not be. Idle time is evil. There is always something someone needs help with.

Or some may expect without working. This is the off and wicked way the system set up for the many to fall for it.

All hands and feet should be working for their food in Jesus name. Yes, and I pray for 100% Healing in JESUS name for all infirmities. He heals All Diseases! I am a witness! Incurable diseases GONE in JESUS name.

Psalm 103:3 He supplies all our needs to His enough glory and riches. Needs not greed’s.

However, I also do understand fully of health issues, emergency issues, and losses myself with 2020 plandemic many lost homes and job and relationships as well. Many turned to addictions sexual, alcohol, nicotine, porn, and more wicked ones instead of GOD during this time.

Please pray with me, fast with me for HEALING in the CHURCH.

Wicked Alcohol and nicotine addiction illicit drugs, we bind and cast out of everyone’s mind and lives in JESUS name.

We bind and cast out every envious jealous spirit in JESUS name.

We let NO weapon be formed against thee that shall prosper and every tongue brought up against shall be condemned and brought down into nothing. For this is His heritage for His servants and His saints.

We must turn to GOD now. We must cry unto HIM and REPENT of all our sins to be set free.

Being on the fence must stop in JESUS name.

We loose blood family and Gain Eternal Christ Jesus Family.

Letting go of all things of this world is Freeing.

I still am a process myself.

So thankful for your prayers as well. I sense them GLORY to GOD.

I have let go several times in my life. Giving everything away and moving on. But it is the Spiritual I am aiming for now. It is funny sometimes I need to copy or print something, but I gave it away. LOL

It is Alright though. GOD is still refining me and cleansing me teaching me, I give All glory and praise for this.

We bind and cast out all fearful or prideful spirits as well. They must go in Jesus name. I will not entertain them in JESUS NAME.

There is NOTHING GOD cannot do and you can DO ALl things in Chirst Jesus who strengthens you;.

Gods will be done.

Much love. In Christ Jesus sending love, peace strength and perseverance, and joy for you all. Loosing those beautiful and most powerful Angels of GOD surrounding you wherever you go. In Jesus name I pray Amen

Received: August 21, 2020

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