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I prayed for this

Prayed for 2 times.


I recently gave my allegiance to Lucifer by saying “hail Lucifer” three times however I did not move forward with initiation, it stopped there. If you knew me you’d be SHOCKED to hear this about me. I’ve been to just about every church in the city and I’m not finding my place, I don’t fit into mainstream Christianity and I believe the Church are all in apostasy. They’ve all left their first love. Anyway, I know the requirements for entry into Heaven are basically to Believe Jesus died on the Cross for my sins (Faith) and by His Grace. The part that says by Grace is the part that has me in turmoil. You see, the road is so narrow, the majority of Christians are so presumptuous to boldly claim that they are heading to Heaven when the Lord spits most of them out saying “I never knew you”! It is ONLY by his grace that one makes it. What makes me think I’ll make it? It’s like a crap shoot. Maybe yes maybe no. I’m afraid to have my soul destroyed by being rejected more than anything else. On the other hand Lucifer and his followers have another agreement going on with the Lord. The Bible says he is sent to the pit for 1,000. Years and it is said that his followers get to live forever with him. So in other words I see three choices, 1. maybe be chosen to receive Grace (good luck by few), 2. be totally destroyed (majority who think they are golden) or 3. be an eternal minion (Illuminati promoter of depravity). You see it’s not out of fear of Satan I do not fear him but I’m in fear of the Lord withholding his Grace. Being honest, None of us deserve it, and who gets it is not ours to know. Having faith that I Will be one to get it is like having faith in myself which I know without him I’m worthless. Now even more so. I’m supposed to be willing to give my life up which I guess I wasn’t. I was putting the desires of my heart first. Before, I was following the two most important commandments for His promise of eternal life. With the road to that promise so narrow and not sure I was on it I became afraid. Who ever really knows if they are on it? Can you help me understand this, can you tell me if there’s hope for making recompense and can you pray a prayer for me to God with all your heart? Thank you.



Received: January 31, 2022

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