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I prayed for this

Prayed for 4 times.



Praise GOD!!

Hi brothers & sisters

Amanda & Rich

I can see & breathe a whole lot better than before:

Praise God!

I was told I needed both my eyes in surgery & course my lungs with the tumors & was told I needed surgery for my hand also, because of nerve and severe rheumatoid & osteoarthritis ,

my eyes (Cataracts) and lungs

Plus, she suggested more too because of incurable disease.

But Holy Ghost says No!!

To PRAY! So I have been and with fasting with oil. Praises!

My torn shoulder cuff is torn more than 85% they said but mans impossible is Gods Possible!!

Pray for a complete restoration by the blood of the lamb Christ our Lord!

GOD heals all Diseases Psalms 103:3

HE is working All things together for good for those who love him who have been called According to His Purpose!!

Romans 8:28

Glory!! Thank you Jesus!

The doctors do not know the God I /we serve. The Jesus who leads us, directs and corrects us, sanctity’s and humbles us to this day is my HEALER!!

Thank you JESUS!

So grateful!!

No way am I getting V Not because of fear, but because of Holy Ghost says no! If he said to leave everything and go I would go! I’ve done it before and would do it again.

TRUSTING IS EVERYTHING Right now for me. I hope you are too.

Faith comes by hearing and by hearing the word of God!


Lots going on in Spirit realm!

He supplies all my Needs to HIS sufficient glory and riches!

Needs Not greeds,- a side note.

Nobody’s perfect but am seeing blessings day by day, now as I walk this narrow path towards eternal life! Glory! Hallelujah!

Praise God! ️️

Just wanted to share how GOOD our GOD is with you!

So grateful for you!

Thank you for being here for me too, when nobody else truly is.

You mean so much to me!

Loving you through my prayers every day.

Gods many blessings of peace and joy!

Please do NOT give up! HE loves you so too!️

Received: May 4, 2022

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