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Addressed to the Ministry:

it was important to me that i get my printers working right. i have 3 or 4 laying around that are messed up or something is wrong with them. It was top heavy with people being problems or else i would have had more fulfillment and more of what God wanted me to have. its farce nonsense empty claims to hear that the Lord thought well of me while i had a time like what its been trying to get by. He’s doing a job like this looking after me while he thinks its reasonable to expect my part of the contribution is isn’t strange. years with it being like this… this equates to being had for buying into hearing that He’s interested. This is more efficient to communicate with others than using a printer sort of experimentally wondering if you are aware of this. trying to use a printer or the internet to communicate with anyone is a big hassle to maintain without any problems working right. i was ready to move out shortly after moving in at each place i was staying because of the social dynamics at each place. I thought I needed to bulk up. it’s like you’re paying attention when i didn’t think anyone was around to stuff like this. its really wonky now and soon they’ll be phasing out ministry type stuff. wonks paying attention so much. Proverbs 6:31 and psalms 91. i’d like to benefit from those parts of the bible. i needed wisdom for upcoming decisions. i was ready to relocate post haste. i thought family was all gone. there isn’t anyone to fall back on anymore for me. its perniciousness anywhere else. There is no protagonist for me. That’s empty to think that the Lord was any protagonist. I don’t have any friends. It’s down turn demotion for me and had been for a long time. That family and I made out like we benefitted from psalms 91 and proverbs 6:31. It’s inundated with a bunch of sordid people all the time around me. Move in a powerful way in the heart, mind, soul and Spirit of both my boys, and their girlfriends, in Jesus mighty name, to bring them into deep deep fellowship with you Jesus. Bind all evil principalities away forever. Bring them Christian friends Lord. Protect them from non-Christian voices and evil influences. Speak Truth into us all. You are THE Truth. Please do this also for me and my wife and our friends and families and all praying with us and their friends and families. You have all authority. In Jesus mighty name we pray. Hallelujah! Thank you Lord! Amen and Amen!!I need miracles in specific areas of my life. I also thought I needed to relocate away from where I currently live into a better area. Moving is a big ordeal and I have to coordinate with all my people so that it would happen. It’s a big undertaking to relocate. I don’t have any friends. I haven’t had any friends for a long time. Socially it seems trashed and it has seemed that way for a long time. I miss my family. I thought they were gone now. I don’t know how to get by without any family around me. Now it’s lots of volatile pernicious antagonism. All around me all the time. I need prayer for divine guidance and direction. My psych treatment seems like a dead end road now and my life seems inferior degraded in big ways. Thanks for praying about me. It seems like rampant criminal activity around me and felons. My parents ejected me when I turned 30 years old. It seems like more of a hassle to get by without them around me anymore. I miss them. It’s strange now I thought family was all someone else. That I would make renewing my mind everyday a priority and praying and worshipping the Lord and speaking in tongues. I tried for years to benefit from speaking in tongues not knowing much about it. Those known as my parents now don’t seem like good faith partners. That my holiday season this year is good and great. That would be good. I’ve been smoking cigarettes for years and in recent memory being conspicuously Christian seemed dangerous deadly. It’s not safe to be relating with the Lord anymore. The help currently isn’t what it used to be for me. I’m set back in demotion now. To be set free from the urge to smoke cigarettes would be great. I’ve been trying to curb bodily cravings and unhealthy habits for a long time with some degree of success. I try to cultivate my heart in better ways and to get the single healthy eye. It’s trash socially and it often seems like something is amiss there like some kind of fallout from something bogus amiss. Earlier about 15 years ago it was better suited for relating with the Lord and now it’s much more dangerous conditions environments. It’s full of kleptos and crime. It being held back in demotion so much that no one appealing thinks I’m appealing. Playing around with my biochemistry and introducing too much of a chemical so that I fall over dead is the current around me anyway. I’m set back in demoted conditions and I never really hardly knew anyone and people are trying to euthanize me. So much of being social for a long time was like “sour what I wouldn’t prefer if I had my pick but make do with whatever was on hand” kind of thing for lack of anything better. It’s an open door for marauders all the time kind of trashed. My doors on my place don’t securely keep anyone out. Whether I’m home or not. I’m alone often with no friends. It’s too close to wrong associations all the time. I saw a list of character traits on an MIT website. That I am much more those good positive ways to be and much less the negative ways to be and that there is much more of a degree of christlikeness in me. The help probably isn’t on. It’s hoopty jalopy to think this how it is for me was working. My social life is strange. It seems like demotion for wanting to get better acquainted with the Lord. It seems like there are more reasons why relating with the Lord is more out of season than ever. My Internet connection in my place is broken. That is expensive to have to pay for Internet access several times over which is what I’m dealing with if I want to have Internet access. There is no protagonist for me. That’s empty to think that the Lord was any protagonist. I don’t have any friends. It’s down turn demotion for me and had been for a long time. That family and I made out like we benefitted from psalms 91 and proverbs 6:31. It’s inundated with a bunch of sordid people all the time around me.I feel alone. In recent memory it seems the bleakest it’s ever been for me. It’s bizarre what’s going on now around me. It’s a powerful move of God that I don’t understand. My Internet access isn’t working in my place. The apartment management where I live won’t troubleshoot the apartment wifi internet so that it works inside my apartment. That my praise and worship music is set up like I would like to have it and all my PC stuff and audio speaker equipment. That I would always love to read and study a wide variety of subjects. Please pray about me. There is no protagonist for me. That’s empty to think that the Lord was any protagonist. It’s down turn demotion for me and had been for a long time.It’s a rough time for me lately. I’m by myself. It seems amiss socially and in every other way for me. I’m by myself lonely all the time. I’m also outnumbered by antagonism. I’m hard pressed by pernicious people all the time around me all the time. For a long time it seemed like gutter bum ghetto ever since I became independent. It’s trashed no good putting up with what was going on often. People told me about CHURCH. That seems bogus amiss while the Lord was doling out answers like he was. This was is broken trying to get by like it’s been. The Lord seems to mock at hearing that he’s interested. It’s unsubstantiated to hear that He is interested. That family and I would make out like proverbs 6:31 said that I we would from all my lost and stolen stuff. I tried to maneuver into benefitting from the promises in the bible for a long time with nothing to show for it. It’s continual fallout from wrong associations all the time.There are probably not any right associations around to spend time with. The oversight probably made a surveillance subject out of me since I don’t know how much earlier on. Since I began to be independent was tied to psychiatric living arrangements. That’s probably the Lord’s negligent disregard to have been treated like a deviant headcase. I’ve got no friends probably for a long time no good quality friends. It’s exploding around me in chaotic destruction. It’s rampant marauders depravity and crime around me without consequences. I was pushed out of my parents to attempt making independent living work. It wasn’t working out very well at all. For 10 years now I’ve been trying to make independence work. That was inviting ruin and destruction and mayhem. It’s set back now in worse conditions than what was preexisting before turning to the Lord. It’s crazy to think that being set back in lemon demotion would make him seem appealing. You might be all like that’s amiss in observation me. I think it’s doing relatively well being by myself as much as I was. He seemed as interested as a negligent disregard and his aid is the more of you paying attention and interceding. Deviations are exploited and maximized and he’s negligent to be sure that he’s interested. Suppressing the lust seems ludacris while he was on about the supply like it’s been. Someone doing better than this wasn’t singled out by the Lord for super punitive treatment while the Lord seemed partial against them. Through some fault of mine was knowing the help was all asleep or otherwise wasn’t present. Being sure that it was his watchful affectionate care seemed bogus like it was bible saturated perspective and disconnected from reality. Embellished reality. That’s broken if this was to be interpreted as the Lord’s taking a genuine interest in me. All the devices are acting strange around me. It’s something causing friction around me all the time. It’s plowing strangeness. It’s malware and Spyware on all my devices. My teeth are in bad shape and it’s severe bug infestation in my place and my parents place. That I prosper everyday in everyway. Please intercede about family and I. It’s felons and lots of wrongs happening around me with no consequences. That my heart has all the renewed characteristics and no unrenewed characteristics. With all the positive good character traits as seen in any of the lists of character traits online. Its being alone or trying to socialize with lemons. The Lord seemed as interested as being indifferent about me. I’m set back in demotion. I was thinking I needed to move to a better area. That my audio and speaker equipment would be setup like I want it to be. And all my PC equipment. People think I had come into disrepute from trying to relate with the Lord. Mainly it’s all wrong associations and antagonism seemingly around me. That no mountain of satanic adversity has dominion over me. Sin sickness poverty fear doubt worry lack confusion and anything else that Satan represents. We are paying for Internet access several times over and it needs to have some troubleshooting to cut down on lots of extra expensive internet access costs. We are paying for it like 3 times over. Also, there is lots of gossip about me about how they think it’s amiss. I needed prayers to navigate successfully and survive and maintain well because of how people are being around me. It’s been janky socially for a long time and it’s lots of strife and crime and accusations. Continually all the time. People have unfettered access to my place all the time. It’s trashed no good. Bottom rung. I was misled to wind up in living conditions like what it’s been for me. Plowing problems messing with my mind and the electronics around me. The lights around me are flashing at night unusually and strange electronics activity around me. I needed more ink and toner for my HP printer. Around me its rampant trashy sordid wrong associations in the rough parts of town since i began to be independent.

Received: September 19, 2022

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