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Marc Bryant

Please help me in prayer, please pray for my health and strength/ protection from the seen and unseen enemies that are around me. I (Marc Bryant) am 59 of age staying with my 87 of age ill mother (Ada Avant), we have been having problems with the new landlord, the landlord father had passed away and we never had a problem with him, the new landlord had added two efficiency to our electricity and that is illegal, we’ve been looking and putting in prayers request over and over again that (GOD) will (BLESS) us with an affordable place in a nice area and been looking at senior citizen home and that hard you have to put 85 dollar for back ground check for each complex. The new landlord knows my mother is on a fix income she is going up 400 dollars on the rent all she sees is dollar signs. the landlord father who past said to my mother that the rent will stay the same since she has taking over the rent already went up. She knows she got us at a disadvantage because if we complain about the violations, we have nowhere to go. I am self-employed with no saving, please pray that (GOD) will (BLESS) me with jobs that I can complete with success and have no problems with pay!!. I worry a lot if (GOD) take my mother to heaven today where will I go and what will I do. I take care of my mother. Please pray that I can get a regular job one day that I will and with good benefits, despite of my age. Thank you for your prayers.

Received: November 10, 2022

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