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Anonymous viewer that watches WFC.

I’ve come to the point in my life where it’s time to take that next step with getting closer to God and figuring out the plan that he has in store for me in life.

At this point in time, I feel the connection with God is there but kind of distant from what it once was.

I’ve dealt with a lot these past 2 years and still have things I need to work on personally but it’s time where I need prayer to help me find that passion of not only reading my Bible more but feeling God’s presence because I want to wake up feeling excited about the days and find what God wants me to do in this life because right now, it’s just the same routine most days where I feel empty and I just can’t get on a rhythm like I once was when it came to feeling passionate about life and having more of a connection with God.

I just need one, maybe two or as many prayers from people that want to that hopefully understand where I’m coming from, where I’m itching and ready to do what it takes of bettering my life and find my calling that God has put me here for, no matter how crazy or unexpected that calling might be.

It’s time to get out of that limo feeling and start feeling alive.

Thank you for taking the time for reading this.

God bless.

Received: January 20, 2023

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