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Beniaih Ogalo

I have no peace in my soul. Something is not right with my soul. I was in so much deception. I have been a huge huge hypocrite but I got so used to lying. I threw out the terrible and perverted games I had. I can’t stop overthinking and I have been sleeping all day. I was previously struggling with pornography and I invited so many demons in to my life. I’ve been feeling there is no hope for me, going to churches but some of them were lgbtq affirming and one was closed so I am looking for an in person connection with a Christian who I can talk to. I keep thinking I deserve it and I don’t know if I am hearing voices. I keep talking to myself. I am in psychosis right now. I am still hoping for salvation. I am at the end of myself, and my life has been flashing before my eyes.

Received: January 27, 2023

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