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Abortion Doula: Helping Women Laugh And Joke During Abortion
admin / February 25, 2020

Abortion Doula. Yes, it’s a real thing.

You typically use the term “doula” when you are referencing labor and delivery of a baby. A doula is a woman who may or may not be trained in the medical field of obstetrics who assists a mother during the child birthing process. A doula has a multitude of knowledge about natural birth and her job is to exercise the techniques she has learned to make a laboring mother as comfortable as possible both physically and emotionally, whether it be at home or in a hospital. When a doula is hired she will be with the mother during the birthing process, be it 2 hours or 30, she is present the entire time.

As if it isn’t enough for an Abortionist to call them-self a health care provider, an abortive mother to call herself a victim and an abortion advocate to call a growing baby a clump of cells, now we have women who are training to joke with mothers during their abortion procedure who call themselves an “Abortion Doula”. These abortion doula’s are women who volunteer at their local clinic and are allowed to be in the procedure room while a woman is having her baby ripped from the womb.

After talking “intensive in person training” and shadowing another abortion doula the volunteer is ready to “comfort” a mother during, before and after her abortion.

Their job is to reassure a woman that murdering her baby is perfectly okay.

One abortion doula (here on out referred to as murder accomplice), from Virginia gave an account for what a typical day looks like during her shift at a clinic in D.C. She explains how she is employed as a labor and delivery nurse who helps bring the life of a precious new baby into the world but feels that her job is just as important as her volunteer job assisting in the death of these innocent babies.

She goes on about different scenarios with different mothers and what brought them into the clinic to begin with. She discusses the average cost of an abortion, with and without insurance and recounts up to as many as 10 women murdering their children- as old as 13 weeks, in one shift.

The murder accomplice gives the examples of comforting techniques she uses with a pregnant woman such as discussing lunch; burger v.s p-ho, hand holding hands, breathing, visualizations and joking. Joking. The murder accomplice revealed that some women enjoy having her to “joke with and distract them during the procedure“.

Recently an account of an abortive mother was also give in reference to an “abortion doula” she met while murdering her own child:

“I vividly remember the squeeze of her hand when the cramping grew uncomfortable and laughing with her as we discussed politics and our favorite comedian’s nightly break down of current events – the sounds of my abortion procedure fading into the background.” She selfishly continued “having someone focus on me, and only me, as the contents of my uterus were emptied, and I gained back control over my own body made all the difference”

-Danielle Campoamor


Abortion doula’s joke with murderous mothers and make them laugh while they become the mother of a dead child.





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