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Man Arrested For Threatening To Kill Female Abolitionist With Crowbar
admin / January 24, 2020

When God has your back, you know it.

Stacy McDonald knew it yesterday when she came face to face with a man who was prepared to send her to meet her Creator. Outside of Bread & Roses abortion clinic in Clearwater Florida, Stacy assumed her daily position on the side walk along with two other Abolitionists; Deb Maxwell and John Hardy. The trio was standing off to the side of the clinic property, calling out messages of hope and life to the murderous mothers and fathers who arrive to slaughter their babies.

A little before noon a sobbing woman pulled in the parking lot accompanied by a female friend and what appeared to be the pre-born baby’s father, Matthew Lockhart. Before the mother went into the clinic she made notice of the three Abolitionists. The mother began making threats to assault Maxwell and even spit at her before Lockhart dragged her through the clinic doors. While the what would have been mother to be was inside, her companions were standing on the porch of the little blue house of death- listening to and engaging with Stacy. As her words convicted Lockhart he shouted out to her foul words, sexual obscenities, and threats of physical violence.

As Stacy compelled Lockhart to have mercy on his baby and save it from death, he tried to turn the tables on her by asking her if she had any children. Stacy revealed to Lockhart that she does in fact have children. Lockhart then spoke the unthinkable;


Despite Lockhart’s disgusting behavior Stacy stood strong and continued to minister to the two while Lockhart attempted to gather more information about her children. When Stacy expressed that there are going to be consequences for the abortive mothers heinous act of murder, the female friend made a confession to Stacy:

“She will be great after this like I have, because I came to the same place to have an abortion”

As Stacy encourages a visibly anxious Lockhart to come over and a gospel track of The Book Of John, her body cam loses sight of him. You can hear Stacy begin to tell them what God’s two greats commandments are but that’s when Lockhart’s immoral banter took a dark turn. Sulking into the left corer of the video you see a grave image appear, Lockhart- with a 3-foot crowbar standing just 3 feet away from Stacy.

“I will knock you the **** out. I’ll knock you the **** out. Call the police, I want you to do that, call the ******* police”

There is no doubt that in this moment, Stacy was not only protected by but also led by and filled with the Holy Spirit. The calmness in which she was overcome with was nothing short of reserve and patience from the Holy Spirit. After more verbal abuse and several more threats of physical violence Stacy remained rooted in the Word of God, quoting scripture and explaining to Lockhart how to repent. Her hands were steady as a rock as you will see in the video, you would never know that by that point Stacy did in fact have her hand on her never before used can of pepper spray. Stacy’s outward actions that were captured on video didn’t show her fear in that moment but instead showed that she was letting the Holy Spirit work through her to extend the love of Christ to the man, who was about to say the utter most terrifying words to her.

“I’ll kill you”

As the female who had been outside pleaded with him to put the crow bar down, she reminded him that he did not “want to go back to jail”. While the friend was making her way towards Lockhart, he appears to back off. When the two of them hung back by Lockhart’s truck in the parking lot, Stacy used that opportunity to call her husband as well as the police, who arrived quickly. The police reviewed Stacy’s video, took a statement from her and then arrested Lockhart.

Right before Stacy was about to leave for the day the young woman who had been inside of the clinic that whole time emerged, she was crying, distraught and clearly convicted by what she had just done. Falling to the pavement of the abortion clinic parking lot she cried:

“I shouldn’t have killed my baby! I shouldn’t have killed my baby!”

Stacy was given a report number for the crimes that had just been committed against her and she was sent home. As the day went on, the severity of what had just happened finally resonated with Stacy. Later that evening Stacy jumped onto Facebook to give friends and family a quick update about what was going on. Tough days on the sidewalk are nothing new to her, she is aware that there will be many of them. In spite of the emotional toll the abortion industry inflicts on mothers and those who are trying to help, this is still exactly what Stacy does, knowingly, for a living. After Stacy and her husband were led to this area of Florida specifically, they were blessed to be the faces of the self funded Life Plea Ministries. Stacy has given up everything to serve God outside of these murder mills and she will continue to do so faithfully, until the Lord tells her that her work there is complete. She is willing and prepared to lose her life one day at the expense of sparing even just one baby, but that day was not yesterday. Below is the video captured from Stacy’s body cam.

Please be advised this video contains strong language that some may find offensive.

The reality of Lockhart’s threats held much weight, much more weight then Stacy knew. Earlier yesterday she had no idea that Lockhart was previously ordered by a judge to reside at Fort Myers Youth Academy; a residential facility center for troubled teens after being convicted of grand theft auto. During Lockhart’s extended stay, he managed to escape but was captured the same day just a few hours later. When Lockhart was apprehended inside of a Publix shopping center he was found to be in possession of at least one firearm, which he had somehow obtained from the vehicle of a supervisor at Fort Myers Youth Academy.

Just after the discovery of Lockhart’s past, it was brought to light that when he was just 16 years old he was charged with battery on a detention center staff member, specifically the juvenile probation officer.

Lockhart is currently in custody with Pinellas County Sherrifs Department however it is unclear exactly what he was charged with yesterday at the time of his arrest. Records indicate that Lockhart is currently being held at the Pinellas County Jail with two charges pending. The charges of aggravated assault and grand theft of a firearm may or may not be accurate and up to date although the rest of the information provided is correct. The records indicate that Lockhart is awaiting trial.

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