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Operation Save Chicago: 11 Active Abortion Clinics In Chicago Alone
admin / February 24, 2020

Operation Save Chicago is a branch of Operation Save America whose locals in Chicago are engaged in a battle of life and death.

“Operation Save America unashamedly takes up the cause of preborn children in the name of Jesus Christ”

Rusty Lee Thomas, the director of Operation Save America has dedicated over 40 years of his life to ministry and this is their mission:

“We employ only biblical principles. The Bible is our foundation; the Cross of Christ is our strategy; the repentance of the Church of Jesus Christ is our ultimate goal. As the Church changes its heart toward unborn children, God Himself will hear from heaven, forgive our sin, and bring healing to our land. We believe that Jesus Christ is the only answer to the abortion holocaust. It is upon our active repentance in the streets of our cities that the Gospel is visibly lived out. We become to the church, to our city, and to our nation living parables which rightly represent God’s heart toward His helpless children.”

Mario Navarro; Director of OSC

With 11 actively murdering abortion clinics open in Chicago alone, it is safe to say that this city needs Jesus now more than ever. The city’s need for redemption was recognized by Chicago resident Mario Navarro. Navarro, who is the director of Operation Save Chicago- travels all over Illinois to proclaim the gospel of Jesus Christ at the baby murdering facilities. He and many others like him take to the streets, rescuing the preborn from murder and fighting to abolish abortion. The video below gives you a small look into what has become of Chicago.

At the end of this summer, Operation Save Chicago will be hosting a mission and conference from August 18th to August 22nd in Chicago, Illinois. Part of the purpose of this conference it to bring awareness to one of the bloodiest cities in America that tends to get overlooked. The mission is to flood Chicago with the gospel, bring the city to repentance and abolish human abortion.

For more information about the mission and conference please click “Wake Up Chicago”. Sign up to help support their mission and be sure to send a message to make contact fast and easy.

Operation Save Chicago is a self funded ministry. Everything they have comes out of their own pockets. When going out to these abortion clinics it is necessary to have resources available to them to convey their mission. Prayerfully consider giving to Operation Save Chicago by clicking [HERE]

Abortion can be abolished, child murderers can be saved and cities can be redeemed.

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