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Popular Children’s Game: “ROBLOX” Doesn’t Believe All Lives Matter
admin / June 19, 2020
The popular online children’s game ROBLOX, which has been downloaded almost 14 million times since 2006, first came under fire in 2018 when it was discovered that players were able to engage in virtual sexual intercourse. Again in 2018 ROBLOX made headline when a mother discovered that her 7 year old daughters ROBLOX character was being violently gang raped by other players.
In the midst of the race war taking place all over the world the last place you would expect the indefensible act of racism of any kind, against any ethnicity, is in an online children’s game.
In the  game there are tasks that the players must complete such as visiting doctors, taking care of virtual pets, feeding and hydrating themselves and even going to school.
The recent racist discovery within the game came to light when a 16 year old girl entered the games virtual school and discovered another player wrote the phrase “Black Lives Matter” on a publicly displayed “Adopt Me” chalk board inside of a classroom. The young female then attempted to change the phrase on the chalkboard to “All Lives Matter” and in the process of doing so was censored. In the same way other inappropriate content is censored, the young girls edit to the chalk board was hash tagged out so that it wasn’t visible to other players.
For those of you who don’t know, black lives matter is a religious racist cult who like their lgbt brethern want to destroy the family and introduce sexual perversion to children.
Typically on ROBLOX things such as profanity, sexually explicit content, personal identifying information and dating solicitation is censored out in the form of hashtags.
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