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Washington State Now Demands 5 Year Old’s Be Taught How To Masturbate Each Other
admin / March 11, 2020


   As reported by Katy Faust– the Washington State leader of CanaVox who serves on the Academic and Testimonial Councils for the International Children’s Rights Institute, Washington State passed a bill on mandatory Comprehensive Sexual Education (CSE) on March 5th, 2020.

Washington state parents were asked to participated in a statewide survey regarding CSE in their children’s schools. The survey resulted in public acknowledgement of overwhelming disapproval of CES in their public schools. The bill passed anyway and now teachers are required to teach students as young as 5, a sexually perverse curriculum and parents are required to allow it.

A post to Facebook relaying the horrifying details of the CES curriculum was recently posted by Faust:

“The Washington State mandatory Comprehensive Sexual Education (CSE) bill passed Thursday, despite thousands of parents who vocally opposed it. And despite a statewide survey which communicated overwhelmingly that parents were against comprehensive sexual education.

The Democrats voted against the amendment to prohibit the pornographic materials to be used in curriculum which can include:

-how to masturbate each other in a bath tub
-how to engage in bondage or blood/body fluid play
-how men can have babies
-why parents and religious groups are to be distrusted
-why it’s mean for girls to exclude boys from their sports teams
– how to get an abortion without telling parents
– how to get cross-sex hormones without parents consent
– how to get an HPV vaccination without parents involvement
– why porn is okay for kids
– Disparages conservative/religious parents
– Singles out and shames “cisgender heterosexual boys”

Some of the approved curriculum is so graphic legislators couldn’t quote it in proceedings without getting “gaveled” or silenced. Capital television had to run a mature content warning when airing debate coverage, the equivalent of a rated R movie. Some CSE curriculum teaches 2nd graders about boners, includes Playboy and Penthouse magazine covers in its lesson plans, and tasks students with going out into the community to practice procuring free condoms as part of their homework assignments. Images from one CSE-approved curriculum below.

Of course it’s heavily lobbied by Planned Parenthood, who has a vested interest in prematurely sexualizing their prospective clients/cash cows.

This is not education. This is propaganda, ideology, and grooming.

H/tSherri Ingrey:”

nick gray says:

No wonder god has sent a terrible virus

Ashley Mccormack says:

Discussing and makes my soul cry out to Jesus for these innocent children.

This makes my blood boil. The people who are pushing this wicked perverted law’s are on a free ticket to hell where they’ll burn forever unless they REPENT FORM THIS PURER SINFUL WICKEDNESS!

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